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Dependable quality service at the lowest price available on a consistent basis.

Delivering your heating oil with "Old Fashioned" personal touch. 

Welcome to Dyno Fuel


Dyno Fuel Oil is a Family owned and operated Residential and Commercial Home Heating Oil Company.


We offer delivery services to Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.


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Our offices are located in Brooklyn and Suffolk County.  To be able to offer our customers local delivery service we divided the two offices to each handle their surrounding towns.  Please contact the Brooklyn office for any deliveries in the New York Metropolitan area. The Suffolk County office schedules any deliveries in Nassau, Suffolk and also Eastern Suffolk County.

We are proud to say that as our company has grown over the last 30 years.  We have not lost our personal touch with the customers and pride ourselves on our "Old Fashioned" way of operating our establishment.  Many of our loyal long standing customers have stayed with us over the years due to the personal service we offer to each and every one of them.  Our prices have consistantly been as low as possible staying very competitive in our industry and allowing us to save our customers hundreds of dollars each winter season.



All of our trucks in the fleet are equipped with Global Positioning Systems, radio's and certified meters, this ensures that we can deliver the oil in the most efficient way possible.  It also allows us to maximize the use of each one of our trucks to its capacity daily, giving our customers the peace of mind that all of the oil they ordered will be delivered.  When the Winter arrives and our customers depend on us to keep their homes and families warm we will never fail them.  Anyone can deliver oil in the warmer months; it's when a big winter storm arrives that you find out how dependable your oil company really is.  We will not let you or your family down in this time of need and have proven that to all of you during the past 25 years.  When the going gets tough we stand tall and all of our customers receive their oil.


Dyno Fuel works in partnership with NYS HEAP and also CITGO-Citizens Energy to bring heat to low income families in New York.  Please visit our links page to access more information.

If you are new to oil heat, or have any questions please feel free to contact us.  We will take the time to explain how oil heat and your equipment works when others won't.

Please take a look around our website and get to know us.

Thank you from all of us at DYNO FUEL OIL.